Camerons' Herbs and Homoeopathics online remedies


Explore the amazing world of traditional healing through the uses of natural herbs and homoeopathy and discover how you can draw on the healing power of these natural remedies to aid recovery from illness, restore good health balance and feel revitalised and refreshed in mind body and spirit. 

At Camerons our philosophy is that health and beauty starts from within and our mission is to provide products made from the finest quality ingredients that nature has to offer. Our products are aesthetically made with precision and care, are gentle to use and reflect our holistic way of living.

Established in the 1960, Cameron Pharmacy has been providing herbal and homoeopathic supplies to practitioners and the general public building our reputation based on trust, quality products, efficiency and reliable service.

Offering an extensive range of natural alternative products, herbal dried extracts and fluid extracts, homoeopathic tinctures and tablets, tissue salts, Bach flower Essence and many other well known remedies, we put strong emphasis on quality products and efficient customer service to deliver to your health needs.
Our extensive formulary library has been developed through experience over the decades and may be specifically adapted to your individual requirements.

Ordering with us is easy, download an order form and fax to (02) 9645 4461, or order directly through our contact page, or simply give us a call on (02) 9644 4087 and we will endeavour to get your order to you ASAP